Final Alert K9


In today’s world drug trafficker’s use sophisticated methods to conceal and transport a wide array of illegal contraband and money. Drug detection dogs offer resourcefulness like no other tool in the location of such contraband. In an effort to assist agencies nationwide, we train our narcotic detection canines to be intense at locating the source of these odors. These detector canines are highly motivated dogs that clearly demonstrate a strong and positive indication.

Final alert k9 will select and train for your agency a detector canine to meet your needs at a cost that is reasonable for agency and individual needs. We are committed to assisting these agencies by providing dogs trained to be highly effective in detecting specific odors. Our hand selected canines are highly motivated, intense searchers that demonstrate a strong positive indication on passive response. All of our detection canines are trained using actual odors, not pseudo odors.

BONZO - Male, German Shepherd, European Import.

QUEEN - Female, Belgian Malinois, European Import

RAMBO - Male, German Shepherd, European Import