Final Alert K9


At Final alert k9, we are focused on providing professionally trained narcotic detection K9s with the highest level of satisfaction.

All K9s are selected and personally trained by a K9 Officer on odors including Cocaine, Heroine and Methamphetamine. Marijuana will be added to a canine's training upon request.


Final alert k9 Training Facility dogs are trained to search for and detect narcotic odors in a diversity of areas including:

  • Vehicles (exterior, interior)
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Buildings/Homes
  • Open Areas
  • Note: Additional areas may be added to your specifications.
Certifying Agent - Jay Morris with Drug Beat for Tennessee is the certifying agent for Final Alert K9. Agent Morris will come in on our clients final day of training to test and nationally certify you and your new partner as Narcotic Detection K9 Team.