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At Final alert k9, we are focused on providing professionally trained narcotic detection K9s with the highest level of satisfaction.

All K9s are selected and personally trained by a K9 Officer on odors including Cocaine, Heroine and Methamphetamine. Marijuana will be added to a canine's training upon request.

Final alert k9 Training Facility dogs are trained to search for and detect narcotic odors in a diversity of areas including:

  • Vehicles (exterior, interior)
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Buildings/Homes
  • Open Areas
  • Note: Additional areas may be added to your specifications.

Founder - Scott Watkins

Final Alert K9 founder and certified K9 trainer and handler, Scott Watkins, has been in law enforcement for 10 years and was assigned to the 27th Judicial District Drug Task Force in 2009. In his years with the Drug Task Force, along with his K9 partner Kodiak, he has recovered large amounts of narcotics, seizures of currency and vehicles.

Scott has trained multiple breeds that he has personally selected based on his knowledge, experience and belief they have the drive, temperament and focus necessary to become a successful narcotic detection K9.

Scott founded Final Alert K9 in May of 2013 and since that time he has sold many K9s to handlers and agencies all across the United States. You can view some of his dogs and their new handlers on the reference page.

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