References and Updates on K9s from our facility

DASY with her handler, Shawn Taylor of the Millersville Police Department in Millersville, TN and one of her first busts resulting in a seizure of over $15k.

DARCO with his new handler, Chief Joe Talkington of the Westport, Indiana Police Department and some of his recent finds below.

ZIKO with his new handler, Jared Willcutt, with the Obion County Sheriff Department in Obion County, TN.

NICK with his new handler, Amanda Schneider, with Nosey Dogs Detection Services in Las Vegas, NV.

ARGO with his partner, Lt. Ledezma at South Fulton Police Department, is accredited with his first official find during his very first shift as an official narcotics detection K9.

LUKY with his new partner, Clint Wallace, with the Dyer County Sheriff Department in Dyer County, TN.

ABBY with her new handler, James Campbell with the Ballard County Jail in Ballard County, KY.

CASTEL with his new handler, Danny Petrie, with the Dyer County Sheriff Department in Dyer County, TN.

ODYN got his first official find (left & below) during his very first shift with his partner, Officer Jones of the Troy Police Department.
BELLA - Jennings Police Department in Jennings, Louisiana and some of her finds.

BELLA has successfully taken well over $60K  in drug money off the streets.

HUCK with his new handler, Bobby Kyle, of the Lake Area Narcotic Enforcement Group.
IZZY - Officer Charles Fisher with Carlisle County Sheriff Department in Carlisle County, KY.
SILUS - Candor Police Department in Candor, North Carolina
Silus sniffed out $13,685.00 of drug money in Candor, NC. Congrats to him and his partner Officer Joseph Majors!
REMY and his new partner with the Rocky Mount Police Department in Virginia.

Huck with his first find (left)on duty with the Lake Area Narcotic Enforcement Group (below) 2 pounds of Crystal Meth and weapon seizure.

1/2 pound crystal meth on the left and 1/4 pound of crystal meth on the right.
KAIA with her find of 700 pounds of marijuana.
KAIA with her most recent find of 15 pounds of Marijuana. Kaia is working with the Dallas County Sheriff's Dept in Dallas Co, IA.
KAIA with 1 pound of Methamphetamine
RILEY - Officer Jamie Hall with the Obion County Sheriff Department in Union City, Tennessee
RILEY - Congratulations to Officer Hall and his partner,  Riley, on their marijuana bust of half a pound.
Officer Hall and his partner Riley seize over $879,000 in drug money in a single stop!


Officer Derek Dalton with the Saratoga Springs Police Dept in Saratoga Springs, UT.

SPECTOR - Purchased by Texas Alpha Dogs in Pecos, Texas and assigned to a department in New Mexico.
BAILEY - Purchase by Texas Alpha Dogs in El Paso, Texas and assigned to school in El Paso, Texas.


New Handler, Chad Knight, with Maryland Canine Services, LLC

NUKE - Jasper County Sheriff Department in Jasper County, Iowa
KERES- Midwest K9 in Des Moines, Iowa
APOLLO - Officer Aron Duty with the Dresden Police Department in Dresden, Tennessee
Apollo with his first drug bust with his partner Officer Duty!